Thursday, 9 July 2015

A couple of thoughts on play

So I recently had a couple of games with my force against another 30k army (in this case Sons of Horus) and I thought that I would write down some thoughts on how the game went and how some of the units performed. 

Army List


So first up the army list. A fairly basic list with no special characters with anything fancy. I wanted to bring a balanced army as I don't really agree with army tailoring to what your opponent would bring. I didn't think I would face huge amounts of armour or something like a Spartan so I wasn't worried to much about that.


artificer armour, void shield harness, combat shield

Tactical marines 
10 marines, artificer armour, power axe, melta bombs, vex, rhino

Tactical marines 
10 marines, artificer armour, power first, vex rhino

Tactical support squad 
9 marines, plasma guns, rhino

Artificer armour

Mortis Contemptor
Twni Kheres assault cannons

Sicaran Battle tank
Lascannons, Axillary drive

Heavy Support squad
Volkite Culverins


Centurion started with the heavy support squad in a building, everything was mounted up and charged. I decided to use stubborn as my legion rule as I didn't think that furious charge was super helpful seeing as the army is not at present tooled up for close combat (and stubborn has seen me in good stead in a couple of games so far). So it turns out that plasma wrecks face. Turn two they jump out of their rhino and rapid fire into a squad of four Cataphractii terminators and wipe them of the board. Turn three the pop back into the rhino and zoom towards the enemy deployment. Turn four they pop out and gun down Maloghurst (is that how you spell his name? The sons of Horus character with a banner). My one concern would be if their transport was popped first turn, then they would have to run across the board. In the third turn they got hit by 4 plasma cannons and lost five of their number thanks to apothecary and the crater that they survived, but if they would have had to walk over the board they would have never made it to their targets.

The other huge killer squad was the Volkites. After my friend failed to drop the void shield sat over them in the first turn with 4 autocannon shots and 5 plasma cannons he just ignored them for the rest of the game. This was a mistake. They aren't super effective at killing large numbers of marines but the high strength and their range meant that the number of wounds they cause comes from weight of fire power. Over three turns they killed a terminator and 8 marines, leaving them targetless for the rest of the game. They will be a definite auto include next time, even more so if I can squeeze them into a smaller game.

The only thing that this army lacks is major penetrating power, I would have struggled a lot more against an army that had a similar amount of armour to what I had, fortunately it didn't come to this so I was fine.

I defiantly think that it is a well rounded list that works well and has a lot of synergy. It might struggle against a themed army or an army with a write of war but I would certainly give it a crack with this force.

What do you guys think? If you want to hear someone else's point of view go and listen to the Eye of Horus podcast episode 20 (seriously go and give these guys a listen). Anyway see you next week.


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