Thursday, 2 July 2015

Emperors Children Showcase

By Russ's beard! These other legions are just taking over! This week we have a beautiful Emperors Children force painted by Søren Westborg. I found these posted on the Horus Heresy facebook page (go and join if you haven't already) and decided that these must be showcased. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did

This army is just beautiful, the purple on the armour is exquisite and the gold is just bright. The force just works together and looks really cohesive. Personally I love bright vibrant forces, one of the reasons that my wolves are painted as they are, and this army is certainly that. No grime and very perfect, although you'd expect nothing less from the Emperors Children I suppose. I won't be displaying whole unit photos as there are so many of them, it will just be a showcase to give you a flavour and you can then go and find the rest for yourself.

HQ and Elites

This small 1500pt army is balanced yet has character, this starts with the Praetor and the Palentine Blades. It's nice to see a masked praetor and the head picked suits the model down to the ground. The blades are one of my favourite legion specific unit from a looks perspective, and the paint job here adds wonderfully to the sculpts.

Also in the elites section come the Rapier Batteries, which add extra punch to the force in general, on these models you can really see the work put into the bases.



The force has three troops choices. A large tactical squad, a smaller despoiler squad in a rhino and a volkite caliver squad. The thing that stood out most about these squads was the vexillas, the just look stunning in that gold. They really stand out and in my opinion are really fitting for the aesthetic of the force. Another aspect of these squads that makes them stand out is the inclusion of plaentine blades torsos to add a little variation to the squads. I asked Søren about the banners and how they were made. "The banners is as follow: the big "III" is from Fulgrims base and the other one is brass etch with a vexilla bit on top".


Finally we have the vehicles. A Rhino, Land Raider Proteus, Predator and a Javelin land speeder make up the armoured section of this force. Again painted as the rest of the force to unify them all together. It is on these models specifically that the quality and brightness of the gold paint stands out, especially on the land raider (see the Aquila plate on the front). 


So I asked a couple more questions about the painting and basing, the text in italics are the responses that I got from Søren. The first was how on earth was it done, it is painted in the none metallic metal (NMM) scheme. "The NMM gold is brown colours, but the last steps is: Ushabti Bone, White Scar, a thinned yellow wash and a final highlight of White Scar. Don't think the gold is particully bright, maybe its the pictures. But the gold stands out a lot on the minis irl.". My second was where did the bases come from/how they where done. "Bases is resin from "Micro art Studio" and is "Mosaic" theme. So nothing special trick for these. But the fit very well with EC." And I have to whole heartedly agree on the bases fitting in.

So I hope you enjoyed that brief showcase of the Søren's force. If you enjoyed it half as much as you should have go and find the rest of his work over on the Horus Heresy facebook page, it's definitely worth it. Let me know what you think of this force and that is all for today,  check back soon for more hobby goodness


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