Monday, 20 July 2015

Updates - Changes and Distraction

So some things are going to be changing on here for a while. Basically I have got a little bored of my Space Wolves. I've been painting space wolves since they were re-released for 40K in 2009 and I now want a little change, a) to paint something different and b) to push my painting skills further.
So there will be not one but TWO new projects from me!!


So if any of you follow me on instagram or twitter (if not go and do so) that I have been painting up a thallax unit. I am planning on expanding that into a fully fledged force based on the ordo reductor. So no castellax from me, just lots of thallax, tanks and myrmidons. The colours are totally different to what I have done previously as well as giving weathering a proper go. I am planning on writing up a proper introduction for these guys but for now here are some of the finished results

Emperors Children

So I've been wanting to paint a legion that has rules and that would push my painting. After seeing the Lord Commander Eidolon at the open day I decided that I would do Emperors Children. However I still can't bring myself to paint traitors so it's going to a loyalist Istvaan 3 force with Saul Tarvitz and Rylanor in it supported but lots of veteran tactical squads, support squads and rapier teams. Again I will do a proper introduction to these guys in the next couple of weeks. 

A very pink looking marine (they are much darker, the lighting just isn't very good)
The seven test marines for the force. These guys will all be mounted on 32mm bases
So that is all for today. What do you guys think of the finished thallax? Also any tips on weathering purple would be much appreciated.


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