Monday, 6 July 2015

Forge World Open Day

So a lot of you Forge World junkies will know that it was the open day at warhammer world yesterday, and I was lucky enough to attend. Now I know there are plenty of blogs out there with loads more content than what I will show (e.g. Battle Bunnies) but I just want to give my thoughts on some bits and pieces.

Lord Commander Eidolon

 So first is Lord Commander Eidolon. It's a beautiful model with a stunning display base (a Deredo Dread torso). It has a very much manic look to it, and looks high snooty at all those in the same cabinet as him. My one concern with him is the fact that the base is so large. Forge World now seem to do this as a way to increase the price of a character (see Sigismund, Gullimen and Pertarbo), but we'll have to see if this is the case. This model has also helped me decide on my next force, which will be the emporers children lead by Saul Tarvitz so stayed tuned for that.


 Legion techmarines are round the corner (although I want the thud gun first). Beautiful model again, but I dislike the power axes. The blade on the end just does not seem to be large enough to cut anything up, and unlike the power axes of  of their 41st millennium counterparts don't look like you would be able to fix anything with them either. So beautiful sculpts but not a great fan.

Mor Deythan

Again wonderful sculpts. These are still work in progress's with the green stuff still visible on some of the models. There is great character to these models and they have really made the most of the 32mm bases, especially on the chaps who are kneeling down.

Macrotek Enginseer

So I don't think that this model has any rules yet (please correct me if I'm wrong). Very rouge trader era and very static. I dislike the staticness that this sculpt has, he looks very flat. The knew automata look good, taking a lot of design ques from the Scyllax. I think these guys would make a great addition to a mechanicum force, and the enginseer would make quite a cool Magos


So probably the largest ground transport that Forge World has done, and it looks gorgeous. With a fully detailed interior the whole model has some real character. Keeping with some of the aesthetics that other legion vehicles have it still looks very different to them mainly due to it's height. It really does look futuristic, almost something out the generic sci-fi which a lot of the imperial vehicles do not.
One thing that I really liked was the plan to put hole for magnets on the front doors. There are two reasons that I really like this. 1) it is practical, Forge World have made it easy to hold the large door closed if you so wish. 2) it shows that Forge World know and accept that we as hobbyists are not purists when it comes to using other companies equipment (also shown in the master class books)  and that they are actively making our lives easier.
 This thing is going to cost you an arm and a leg I reckon and should be out near Christmas, or so I was informed.

Any way that's my small summary of what caught my eye on the day. Go check out Battle Bunnies for a full coverage of the event.

What do you think of all the new bits and pieces and let me know what your favorite kit that has come out of the weekend. Check back on Thursday for a some tactics talk.


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