Thursday, 23 July 2015

Emperors Children

"Captain Saul Tarvitz, last loyal officer of the Emperor's Children, surveyed the grim tableau before him. He stood amidst the ruins of  a once magnificent city. It's name had died with those who had built and lived within its fabulous palaces and marbled halls. Now it was little more than a heap of rubble"



So I have decided that I want to paint a legion that has rules and background. I also want to do any army that looks a lot more like the official background (unlike my space wolves). However I really didn't want to do a traitor force, but none of the other loyalist legions didn't appeal to me. So I decided that I would do a loyalist force from one of the traitor legions. After going over some of the background I thought I would do a veteran force following Saul Tarvitz on Istvaan 3. The force will start with two squads of veterans, a converted Saul (I already have some ideas so stay tuned) and the Ancient Rylanor. 
Unlike my space wolves this army isn't going to be designed around good units but units that I think would have been in Istvaan 3, so after the starting force I'll add some rapier batteries, some support squads, maybe some more dreadnoughts and then a jet bike squad. 


The other reason that I have started a new army is that I want to improve my painting skills. It can be very easy to get stuck in a groove of painting the same thing in the same way without changing anything. Recently I have started painting my space wolf power weapons a little differently and thought I would take the process and start painting other units (I'm also going to do a small Ordo Reductor themed force). 
At the moment I am trying to get my head around weathering purple and making it look good, as well as painting white (which I have never enjoyed, especially more so now that there are studs involved...).

The first test models

Way to pink in this photo but I took the photo in a rush, so i'll get some better photos when he is done

Anyway that's all from me today, have a good weekend.


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