Thursday, 30 July 2015


"The loyalist faction was much smaller than had been guessed at by those on Terra. The loyalist forces on Mars found themselves to be massively outnumbered. In addition to the greater proportion of  tech-priests, the traitors could also upon the services of seven Titan legions. Within hours of securing the munitions factories, the loyalists were being pressed back. It was clear that they could not win this battle"

Another new army?!


Yes! This is another new army that I have decided to start. As I said in the Emperor's Children post I wanted to do something else with my hobby time. So the second of the two new forces, my loyalist (see a theme here?) Ordo Reductor Mechanicum force.



So I've picked the Ordo Reductor as I want to use lots of Thallax in my force as, in my opinion, they are so much cooler than the Castellax. . The idea behind this force is a space marine kill force, tasked with hunting down and killing and traitors that escape after an initial confrontation. So the army will have lots of space marine killing weapons such as phased plasma-fusils and Irad-Cleansers. I really like the idea of huge destruction carried out with no remorse. 
I am going to have the led by a limited magos, as I don't really want him to be the one that would be in charge of the force, more of an overseer. To that end I think that I will make one of my Myrmidon lords the warlord when I play. He is likely to have the ordinatus upgrade and other support character upgrades (I'm going to use the limited edition titan princeps from 2015). The rest of the force will be thallax at it's core supported by myrmidon units and battle tanks, and maybe later if the rumours hold true some artillery.


So the colour of the force will be a dark weathered yellow (see above). I have yet to come up with a huge amount of background for the force so I do not know what the symbol on their left shoulder means yet, but that is going to be my army badge. 

On the other shoulder (of the Thallax only I think) are the unit designation numbers. Each will have a two digit number on their right shoulder pad. The first and larger of the two numbers will be the unit number, and the second smaller number will be the individual number assigned to the thallax within it's squad. For example below, we have the second thallax from the 1st squad

Finally the bases will be done in a Istvaan 3 style colour so that they can fight alongside my Emperor's Children Force if I want them to. You can also see that they have been heavily weathered (when compared to my space wolves that have no weathering at all).

And that is it for today. Have any ideas about the background of my force then let me know.


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