Monday, 13 July 2015

Space Wolves Showcase

Finally the Sons of Russ get their own showcase! I have got enough squads finished now that I can field a legal army with no proxies, so I thought it was time to showcase them to all of you. There really won't be very much talking in this blog as it's mainly a showcase.
So first up we have a full army shot, all in all there are two tactical squads, a squad of terminators, a five man tactical support squad, Apothecary, Sicaran, Contemptor Mortis, Spartan, Command Squad, Master of Signals and Praetor.

HQ: So I currently have three HQ choices. A command squad, Master of Signals and Praetor. The Praetor is with the terminator squad. The master of the Signals is the one second from the right. The bottom photo shows the Praetor with his terminator squad and their Spartan Transport. Although the Spartan is painted I want to repaint it at some point to bring it in line with the other vehicles in the force.

Troops: So I current have three troops choices in the army. Two tactical squads and a five man tactical support squad. I have enough models to boost that to a nine man squad (not pictured as they aren't painted). This is the squad which the apothecary is attached to,  just to make sure that they are a little more durable and are less likely to kill themselves.

Elites and Heavy Support: So aside from the the apothecary, I have a Contemptor Mortis and a Sicaran Battle Tank. Both of these models where a lot of fun to build and to paint. Both have also served me well in all the battles that they have partaken in. I want to add a Sicaran Venator soon (although I have some other army projects that I want to do first). I also have a fine many Volkite Culverin heavy support squad on the painting table.

Anyway that is all for today. I think I'll try and get a showcase of the Sicaran up soon as I haven't done one yet. Also keep your eyes peeled for some updates about some new projects that I have started work upon (or follow me on twitter @AettHobby or see the twitter feed on the right).



  1. do you have a list for this? if so i like to borrow some ideas, of course if you dont mind!

    1. I did have a list, although it's pre inferno. If you're interested in that I can find it. If you want a plot inferno one let me know and I can have a quick list writing session and work it out